Landlust magazine Autumn delights edition now available

Landlust, a lifestyle magazine embodying the spirit of the countryside, packs the best of the season on 132 pages full of autumn gardening, cooking, DIY, homemaking and country life delights

From delightful autumn trees to creating hearty seasonal flavours with a dash of beer, the pages of Landlust’s current edition provide readers with the perfect autumn edit. The German-born magazine, which was launched in the UK in November 2015, celebrates the spirit of the countryside with off-the-beaten track and inspiring content on food and seasonal recipes, gardening, nature and wildlife as well as crafts and do-it-yourself ideas. A snapshot of the content pages gives a taste of what readers can expect:

– Autumn’s best kept garden secret:
All about a small tree that makes a big impact with a spectacular range of autumn colours and its ability to fill the air with a delightful cake-like aroma

– How beer can flavour your autumn kitchen:

You could continue to deep-fry your fish fillets the conventional way, or you could use a beer batter – discover how beer adds a welcome taste of bitter to a hearty autumn menu (including dessert!)

– A different take on tea bags: A cup of tea is sometimes the best medicine and Landlust shows you how to replace teabags with wine leaves that are filled with a mix of medicinal plants

– In a nutshell:
Learn how to make delicate spoons using walnut shells and surprise friends and family with sugar spoons that couldn’t be more unique!

– No more bad weather days:
Rainy autumn days are no excuse to restrict family activities to the house – fun ideas for kids to make the most of the weather

– Nature’s autumn remedies:

Find out how the common fennel, harvested in September and October, can help with a variety of medical complaints

– Metal detectorists:

Plod along with amateur detectorists on the search for precious artefacts from the past

– Strong and sensitive:

Why the Hovawart breed is the perfect farm guard

More useful ideas and seasonal content can be found in Landlust’s “Garden”, “Kitchen”, “At Home”, “Country Life” and “Nature” sections and the magazine is available at:

• WH Smith (High Street and Travel)
• Sainsbury‘s
• Tesco
• Morrisons
• Waitrose
• Asda
plus independent shops

For more information visit:

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