How to look your best in pictures


We all love photos, but photos don’t always love us back! There’s nothing worse than seeing yourself in photos with family and friends, and knowing that none of them have really captured you at your best. So, if you’re wondering how to improve on those selfies, wedding photos and holiday snaps, then help is at hand. A few simple tips and techniques could put an end to your photo disasters, and turn out super shots that you will love to treasure, and be happy to share.

Find your best side

Dig out all those special photos where you really do look great, and compare side-by-side to see what might have been the factor for success in each one. Everyone has their best side, so see if you can work out yours. Perhaps it was the way you stood, how you smiled or what you wore. Try out a few poses in front of a full-length mirror, and remember to repeat what works when the next photo opportunity crops up. Put your hair up, to the side, leave it down – the way you style your hair can really change your face! So, also bear that in mind when choosing between bridesmaid hairstyles next time you attend a wedding.

Get your makeup right

You have your best side all ready for the camera, so the next step is perfecting your finish. Get your makeup right, which will help you to feel good, so helping you to relax when the lens is pointed your way. Check your foundation correctly matches your skin tone, apply a good mascara to enhance the impact of your eyes, and remember the blush to help add shape to your face. Aim for a soft glow, and keep colours light and fresh for a brighter look.

Practise your red carpet pose

Celebrities have their photo taken many times, and make sure their pose is absolutely ready for when that camera clicks. They know what works for them, and they work it. The classic red carpet pose is perfect for creating a flattering angle on film and is likely to produce a rewarding result. Angle your body for that super slimming effect, with one hand on your hip, and turn towards the camera whilst remembering good posture. Avoid facing straight on which can appear unflattering, and turn your head slightly to give depth to your features.

Be natural

Most importantly relax. Avoid over styling and go for the relaxed approach. Wear clothing that you like, embrace your hair – short or long, casual or fancy bridesmaid hairstyles, it doesn’t matter! Whatever helps you feeling more confident. The best photos often happen when you are at your most natural and simply having fun. Whether you’re laughing with friends, enjoying a great day out or just having a good time, the more relaxed and natural a situation is, the more likely a better photo.

Enjoy having fun working out your best side, experimenting with angles, and perfecting your pose. Remember photos are meant to be fun, so make sure that you’re in lots of them. The more photos taken, the more likely it is that you’ll end up happy with more pictures.

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