Creating your own pampering room

The stresses of modern life have led to a growth in the number of spa facilities offering pampering services. Treatments to ‘decompress’ have never been in greater demand, as people struggle to keep up with the fast pace of the world around them. Spa treatment centres are often located in smart country house settings and provide luxury packages to those who can afford it.

Anyone seeking regular pampering treatments at the spa will have to have deep pockets, as this level of personal service does not come cheap. For this reason, spa fans on smaller budgets are increasingly electing to create pampering rooms in their own homes.

What constitutes the ideal home pampering room? First of all, practicalities need to be addressed. Many pampering activities require running water, so locating the room close to a bathroom is a good idea. Master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms work well if there is enough space to convert your bedroom ideas into the ideal pampering environment.

To achieve total relaxation, the room must have a calm ambience. Create this by sticking to pale, neutral colours such as pastel greens, blues and creams. Bed coverings and upholstery should be chosen with sensual pleasure in mind; silky soft fabrics and textured natural linens are good options.

The furnishings in a pampering room depend very much on personal requirements. Somewhere to recline and relax is essential, as are storage cabinets for lotions and potions, shelves for towels, and perhaps a nice comfortable armchair. A pampering room can be a personal haven, away from the stresses of the world, so be sure to select really lovely furniture to make the room as beautiful and relaxing as possible.

Soft lighting that can be adjusted according to mood will help to create an authentic pampering room experience. A combination of mood lighting and task lighting makes sense in most situations. Manicures, pedicures and facials require good lighting, whereas chilling out and forgetting a horrendous day at work is best achieved with dimmed lighting. A blackout blind at the window will ensure privacy and control light levels. If noise from outside is an issue, consider double glazing or heavy drapes to keep disturbances to a minimum.

Source a couple of mirrors, one full length and one to use for applying facial masks and treatments. Mirrors can lend an air of luxury and opulence to a room, especially when combined with scented candles and crystal chandeliers.

Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and minimise draughts at doors and windows. Underfloor heating works well in pampering rooms where walking barefoot is likely. Playing soft music or natural birdsong can help to calm frazzled nerves, as can the careful placing of a few verdant pot plants.

Many people want a pampering room at home because they need time alone to relax. Bearing this in mind, resist the temptation to have a telephone in the room and make sure that a lock is fitted to the door to minimise interruptions.

Why not clear space for a pampering room at home? In the midst of their busy lives, everyone deserve a calm oasis – somewhere to recharge their batteries and regain equilibrium. Every home should have one.

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